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    The New EOL Zenith
    The latest technology for wind assessment
    Our latest data logger, the EOL Zenith, offers a wide range of possibilities and ensures reliable and accurate measurement required by professional wind consultants, wind farm developers and wind farm operators (in compliance with the IEC61400/12 standard).
    GPRS communication + real time data Integrate to SCADA
    Memory capacity (up to 4GB) Connect up to 10 Anemometers
    Web based access Connect up to 7 wind vanes
    Over the air updates GPS Module
    EOL Manager Software
    The secret behind many successful campaigns
    Download data, collect real-time values, refine logger settings remotely and keep all your wind data organized. EOL Manager automatically downloads all your wind data from an unlimited number of wind assessment masts.
    Manage all your loggers from one window
    Automatic status messages on sensors
    Connect in real time to the loggers
    Edit logger settings OTA
    EOL Charting Software
    Create graphs and analytical data
    With the EOL Charting you can create graphs and analytical data and check that all your sensors are working as they should. EOL Charting provides a wide range of graphs. The time series graph allows you to zoom in and out, scroll forwards or backwards in time.
    Access data quickly
    Visualize your wind data
    Improve data quality
    What others say
    More than 4000 users work with our equipment
    When you use the Zenith data logger and software you join a group of several thousand professionals in wind assessment. From professional wind consultants, wind farm developers and wind farm operators, no matter the size, the Zenith data logger provides the reliability you expect for high quality wind assessment.
    For a complete list of the companies we work with download our product catalogue.
    Kintech Engineering
    Active in wind assessment since 1999.
    Kintech Engineering has developed and manufactured data loggers for the wind industry since 1999. We know that the evaluation of a wind resource is a highly uncertain process and using quality instruments is the cheapest way to reduce this uncertainty.

    Keep in mind, that a variation of 0.1 m/s in the average wind speed can be almost 100 equivalent hours of nominal power per year.

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KT470 Lattice Mast
Obstruction light sync.
Technical support

About Kintech

EOL Zenith wind data logger
The EOL ZENITH has several new powerful features, including real 1 Hz measurement data, more channels for anemometers and wind vanes, robust GPRS communication, GPS controlled internal clock and positioning, real time data, encrypted and password protected wind data, and a completely new software package for managing your wind data loggers and checking your wind data.

The EOL ZENITH collects wind data in compliance with IEC61400-12 for high quality wind assessment campaigns, where maximum performance and reliability is a must. The perfect combination of data logger technology together with the most advanced software for modern wind assessment.

Optional add on modules: Wind Farm Module (To integrate real time data to SCADA using the Modbus protocol), Satellite Communication Module

For more details, please download the data sheet or contact our sales team on export@kintech-engineering.com

Wind speed (anemometers):   10
Wind direction (5 analogues and 2 digital):   7
Analogue (temperature, humidity etc.):   15 in total
Data sampling rate:   1Hz
Recording intervals (time stamped):   10 min.
Power supply:   6V-30V
GPS positioning (digital signature):   YES
GPS internal clock:   YES
New developed software (advanced graphics):   YES
SCADA connection (option):   YES
Digital output (on/off control):   6
Memory capacity (SD/MMC):   1GB
5 years of wind data
GSM telemetry and real time status:   YES
GPRS telemetry and realtime status:   YES
CDMA telemetry and real time status:   YES
Satellite telemetry and real time status:   YES
Display:   Graphic display
Keypad:   6-key keypad
Data retrieval:   (manual/automatic) GSM/GPRS, Email, Satellite, Modbus



"There are many advantages of the EOL Zenith wind data logger. Some of the highlights are the personal and professional quality of the team behind it, providing excellent service, before, during and after the sale."

Begoña Palacios Aroz
Renewable Natural Gas Fenosa
Technical Project Management and Analysis of Wind Resource.

“What I value the most is the great team and their willingness to solve problems at any time. The EOL Zenith wind data logger performs great and by far exceeds the technical requirements for wind assessment today.”

Olga Santos

“The EOL Zenith data logger has several characteristics that make life easier for installers, e.g. the removable terminal block, a very intuitive user interface, GPS and auto time update, and most importantly a robust and reliable data transmission system."

Roberto Bermejo
Technical Manager

“To summarize the support given by Kintech Engineering in three words: immediate, efficient and high quality.”

Angelo Dresser Rand

"The software is fast and visually attractive and a really great tool to work with. More importantly it is the team behind it, always ready to help with everything. Thank you Kintech Engineering!”

Diana Plaza Eva Sanz
Responsible for Wind Assessment
Flaunt, Society

“What I value the most is the great team and their willingness to solve problems at any time. The EOL Zenith wind data logger performs great and by far exceeds the technical requirements for wind assessment today.”

Olga Santos

We offer technical support to all our customers - we are not satisfied until the customer is.
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